TPT3YA: a guide through the froggyverse - Turtle Pals Tapes 3rd Anniversary Vinyl PRE ORDER

$15.00 USD - $20.00 USD
  • Vinyl Only
  • Vinyl + Slipmat

Welcome to the Froggyverse, our good pal Tippity(our cool and awesome mascot that you all totally know and love), will be your guide! Listen through this tantalizing compilation of music of both past and future releases on Turtle Pals Tapes!

This compilation is a celebration of how far Turtle Pals has come since our first release on may 14th 2021, 3 years ago! We have some past favorites, as well as some sneak peaks at what we may or may not have coming up on the label. ;)

This special compilation is being sold as close to production cost as possible to make it as cheap as possible for all! Alongside that, we are offering a brand new slipmat illustrated by the ever talented Roger Stephenson! The slipmat is available at a highly discounted price when bundled with this vinyl!

Mastered by Angel @ Angel Hair Audio


A1. Theme From the Amazing Digital Circus - Gooseworx (The Amazing Digital Circus)
A2. icosa - Oliver Buckland (THIRTY三十)
A3. a place i think is familiar - squeak (Liminal Space: Deluxe)
A4. World Map - dconn (Rubato)
A5. Scary Swings - MasterSwordRemix (Spooky Month)
A6. Apprehension - MasterSwordRemix (UTY)
A7. STAR ☆ POWER - Beatrix Quinn (Super Lesbian Animal RPG)
A8. See You, Swamp Cowboy - Ryan Ike (Frog Fractions)

B1. Sugarcrush - Saruky (Hotline 024)
B2. Blood Son - Locknar (Madness: Project Nexus)
B3. Before Every Load - Mike Klubnika (Buckshot Roulette)
B4. Fatality - Saster (Vs. Exe)
B5. Inexorable - Cathedral - RENREN (Excelsior)
B6. On Silent Wings - Wrythe (Postal 2)