About Us

Turtle Pals Tapes was founded in May 2021 by Jack Wertheimer (PJ) and Justin Clapp (Clappj). Our aim for this label is to find the music we like and make high quality physical releases for them. 

We make Tapes, CDs, Vinyl and whatever other physical mediums we can manage. (But, its mostly the first three.)


  • TPT-001: Sock.wav - Back Alley Blitz
  • TPT-002: Mind Corp. - Paralyzed in Paradise
  • TPT-003: Twilight Town: A Cyberpunk Day in Life Original Soundtrack
  • TPT-004: Vs. TRICKY team - VS. TRICKY Original Soundtrack
  • TPT-005: Anne & Clover - Hazy River: Smoke 'Em Out Struggle/VS. Annie 
  • TPT-006: Phlox & Wildy - The Bob Album
  • TPT-007: squeak - Liminal Space: Deluxe
  • TPT-008: Jellyfish! - NEO
  • TPT-009: Mantella Mixtape
  • TPT-010: Ren M - Anchor
  • TPT-011: Ren M - Atlas
  • TPT-012: Kazuya - Raytrax Vol. 1