Do you guys ship internationally?

Yes we do, shipping will be calculated at checkout automatically. Please know that international shipping can take a while, anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund any item as long as it has not shipped yet. We also refund items that were damaged during the shipping process.

I bought a CD/Tape/Vinyl from your website, can I still get it digitally?

Yes you can! We host our artists' music on Bandcamp. Each Physical will come with a code to redeem at: turtlepalstapes.bandcamp.com/yum

What is your preorder policy?

We know preorders are not everyone's favorite way to buy their music and we understand how it feels to have to wait a few weeks or months for your order to come in, it isn't fun. When we do preorders, we plan to only do them for large scale projects. That way, anyone who wants a record/tape, will get a record/tape.

Stance on limited releases?

We really don't like limited releases. We do open preorders and represses to make sure everyone who wants to own one of our releases will be able to. For smaller scale projects (Think only 25-50 items produced), we will repress if there is a demand for it or just every once in a while. We hate scalpers and we will do what we can to stop them.

Can I submit my own music to have a physical made?

Of course! Just email us at: stayfroggy@turtlepalstapes.com with your album and what you want to get your music pressed to!

Have any other questions? Email us at stayfroggy@turtlepalstapes.com or use the contact page in our website's sidebar.