Ren M - Atlas CD

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On CD for the first time is Ren M's amazing Minecraft inspired album, Atlas! This album has been used in countless Minecraft mods and feels like a natural extension to the already amazing soundtrack of Minecraft. With art done by our very own Clappj, done to mimic the style of Minecraft Volume Alpha and Beta, this album is made to be almost a companion to the original soundtrack.

And check out the standalone mod for it here(contains both Anchor & Atlas):

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS! Deathlance Records are now selling TPT releases on their store, starting with this release! You can get your copy of Atlas there with much cheaper shipping than from us, however, you will still be able to purchase a CD from us here. Link:

Track list:
1. Donhacky
2. Aweigh
3. Becrode
4. Capybara
5. Idle Hands
6. Gan
7. Star
8. Wires
9. Fragment
10. Fractal
11. Sun
12. 12