Hazy River: Smoke 'Em Out Struggle/Vs. Annie Original Soundtrack Vinyl

$25.00 USD

Clover(Rageminer), Anne and Turtle Pals Tapes brings you, Hazy River! Hazy river is an album consisting of Smoke 'Em Out Struggle and the VS. Annie original soundtracks.

Side A:
1. Headache
2. Nerves
3. Release
4. Fading
5. Good Enough
6. Lover
7. Tug of War
8. Take a Swig of This
9. Animal
10. Stay
11. Golden Arch March
12. Unleashed

Side B:
13. Headache (Instrumental)
14. Nerves (Instrumental)
15. Release (Instrumental)
16. Fading (Instrumental)
17. Good Enough (Instrumental)
18. Lover (Instrumental)
19. Tug of War (Instrumental)
20. Take a Swig of This (Instrumental)
21. Animal (Instrumental)
22. Stay (Instrumental)
23. Golden Arch March (Instrumental)
24. Unleashed (Instrumental)

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