Hands Up! - A Newgrounds Joint! Vinyl PRE ORDER

$30.00 USD

From the funkadelic souls of Vadell Gabriel and DJ Chidow, it's the music of “Hands Up!”
Your favorite funky jams from “The Plan” and “Rhythm ‘N Ambush”, fully remastered, along with several never-before-heard tracks, remixes and demos vinyl

Featuring voices from Lizzie Freeman, Aimee Smith, P. M. Seymour and Fernando Peyro aka the Lonely Comedian.
This album is jam packed with grooves and rhymes to keep yo head boppin’.

From the creative minds of Joel Gurerra & Brian Zavala,
and the men who brought you projects like “Planet X”, “Sonic Classic 2”, "The Pico EP" and much more!
Get Ready for the soundtrack of a lifetime with "Hands Up! - A Newgrounds Joint!"

Track Listing:
1. The Plan (Remastered)
2. Rhythm 'N Ambush (Remastered)
3. Throw Em Up High, We Too Fly... Main Theme for Hands Up!
4. The Plan (Breakbeat Mix)
5. Rhythm 'N Ambush (Dub Mix)
6. Delighted Dynamite Donuts... Theme Song for Ula
7. Green, Exotic and Erotic... Theme Song for Margo
8. Margo's Disco Lounge
9. Da Chief's Quarters... Theme Song for Colton Morgan
10. Dreamcast (The Plan Demo - Remastered)
11. The Plan (Extended Instrumental)
12. Rhythm 'N Ambush (Extended Instrumental)
13. In the Air (Clap Like U Don't Care)... Ending Theme for Hands Up!