95 Drew Tape

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From our friends at Deathlance Records/Submersed Records:

The Nijmegen-based band, The Hubschrauber, plays quirky, melancholic alternative influenced by the likes of Sparklehorse, Radiohead, dEUS and The National. Their debut record ‘Kepler-186f’ was attached to a Chinese lunar probe and literally launched into outer space. Its successor ‘Protector, Distractor’ is a response to the turbulent zeitgeist. Sadly, the tour supporting this album was never to be. Due to the Corona pandemic, the band found themselves immediately back in the studio, recording new music. They present the result in the form of the new EP entitled ’95 DREW’. This is a musical embrace of the pop culture in which one can hide from the outside world. An ode to Drew Barrymore, Frasier Crane and other legends of the nineties. This is a love letter to the icons of the silver screen and the nostalgia-driven attraction they possess. 95 DREW was released on the 17th of September 2021.



All music written & produced by The Hubschrauber
The Hubschrauber are: Otto Van Toorn, David Tonnaer, Gerrie Van Gobbel, Henry Nagel & Daan Van Haren
Lyrics by Otto Van Toorn & Daan Van Haren
Recorded at Nautamix Recording Studio.
Mixed by David Tonnaer & Daan Van Haren
Artwork by Kasper Van Mol