Compact Disc Club #7: Online VS.

Sold out $8.00 USD

Coming to you as the first release of season two of the CDC is the fan game, ONLINE VS.!! Featuring the music of Philiplol, Zeroh, and Sherri.

1. Accelerant
2. Unloaded
3. Challengedd (Neighbore Mix)
4. Challengedd (End mix)
5. Roadkill
6. Anywhere U.S.A.
7. Anywhere U.S.A. (Boss Mix)
8. Accelerant (Instrumental)
9. Unloaded (Instrumental)
10. Challengedd (Neighbore Mix) (Instrumental)
11. Challengedd (End mix) (Instrumental)
12. Roadkill (Instrumental)
13. Anywhere U.S.A. (Instrumental)
14. Anywhere U.S.A. (Boss Mix) (Instrumental)

Pre orders are open until November 19th, 2022. The listed price is an early bird price for the CDC, extra CDs will be put up on the store for our normal CD price, $8.00.

What is the Compact Disc Club?

The Compact Disc Club is a side catalog of releases separate from our main catalog. These are lower cost no frills CD releases for FNF mods. This allows us to still release FNF music without saturating our main catalog. All releases for a "season" will be announced all at the same time!